symptoms include

intrusive memories
intrusive csa induced responses
sub conscous body memories
suprise, out of character anger which was intrusive and unexpected
being triggered and confused what was happening
csa induced ssa as in an unknown feeling ( unknown to my conscous mind)
an awareness that I had "a problem" deep within that
I needed to locate, identify and deal with
impacts on relationships
symptoms in my body that when I had them checked out by my GP
or other health care professionals I was told i was fit and healthy
my identification with the marginalised , the hurting members in the church and community

the fractured relationship with my parents
what I now know to be my disociated state
what I now know to be the sexual trauma I carry
the irregular responses I had from time to time to certain situations
and people I now know to be when I was triggered
my response to cetain preaching and ministry I received in church - wanting more,
praying that God would reach this unknown deep down issue
I would find relief so significant that I would feel 'healed"
which I know was a sence of relief as each layer was pealed back,
as each part of csa damage was removed ( like the dentist drilling
or scraping out tooth decay)
what I now know to be my fractured personality parts

confusion. An inner confusion

Next step trace the symptoms back to their causal factors the hidden memories, the body memories that were looking for a voice, an expression. The need to talk it out. The need for trauma release counselling

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